Permanent Trails – latest news

In 2018, Havac Walkers are planning to introduce 14 new Permanent Trails, all relating to The BWF World War 1 Challenge. As a result, it has been decided not to register the following, existing Permanent Trails for the year 2018. Whether they are re-opened at a later date, or whether the World War 1 Trails will be continued,  will be decided next July, when registration for 2019 has to be completed.

The Fox & Hounds “Tally Ho” (PT 232)
The Fox & Hounds “A Hunting we will go” (PT 233)
The Cambridge Circular Walk (PT 11)
The Haverhill Country Walk (PT 72)
The Haverhill Anniversary Trail (PT 268)
The Bury St Edmunds Walk (PT 207)
The Bury Historical Trail PT 267)
The Mildenhall Jubilee Jaunt (PT 239)
The Plough Rede Ramble (PT 257)
The Lavenham Lope (PT 265)