Next Thursday Walk

The next Thursday Walk will be on October 18th, starting from The Plough, Hundon. The organiser is Gerry Pavey. His telephone number is 01440 703311. There will be a 10k and 5k walk.

Anyone wishing to share transport should meet at Max’s house at 9:30.

First Winter Series Walk

The first winter series walk will be on Sunday October 7th, 2018, starting from The Bell, Castle Hedingham, at 9:00. The organiser is Peter Addison. His telephone number is 01708 785733. There will be three distances, 20k, 10k and 5k.

Closure of Permanent Trails

Because of the A14 Roadworks, the following Permanent Trails will not be registered for 2019:

The Lancaster Trail
The Mosquito Trail
The Halifax Trail
The Hilton Armistice Walk

The following Trails will also not be registered for 2019:


The Glemsford Armistice Trail
The Strethall Armistice Trail
The Haverhill Armistice Trail
The Bury ST. Edmunds Armistice Cathedral Trail
The Bury St. Edmunds Armistice Trail.
The Rupert Brooke Armistice Trail
The Sudbury Armistice Trail
The Lavenham Armistice Trail
The Owen Wolton Armistice Trail

The Bury St. Edmunds Walk
The “Fox and Hounds” Walk, Clavering
The “Hunting-we-will-go” Walk, Clavering.
The Plough Rede Trail
The Saffron Stroll Trail
The Walden Wander Taril.






Views on Dorchester Amistice Trail

The Keep


Statue of Thomas Hardy.

Ruins of Roman Town House


The Hangman’s Cottage, the home of the executioner who carried out the sentences of the infamous Judge Jeffery’s Bloody Assizes.

German World War 1 Memorial

Statue seen on route.

Maumbury Rings – a large Roman Amphitheatre.

Annual B.B.Q.

Members can be seen enjoying the annual B.B.Q, at the home of Ken and Carol, whom along with Ray prepared an excellent meal for everyone.