Photos taken by Philip Fick

This field of poppies was taken from the track through Bulmer brick works. The field very big and full of poppies, but the adjoining field had none. Later, there was lots of fields with a different type of poppy growing in them, for the production of morphine and cooking poppy seeds. The brick works dates back to the middle ages, and the building look that old, but apparently aren’t.  They still hand make bricks there today.




The farm house is the last surviving building at Purton Green. It was built in 1250, and has changed little since.It was derelict, but was restored 50 years ago by Landmark Trust. They let it out for holidays. There is no vehicular access, so wheelbarrows are provided for you to transport your belongings the quarter of a mile from the parking space at the end of the lane.(That’s assuming you can get through the ford to the parking space!).



New Permanent Trails Officer

As from February 1st, 2020,  Peter Addison will no longer be Permanent Trails Officer. This post will be held by

Max Eason
   1, Chapple Drive,
            CB9 0DG

All completed Permanent Trails Forms, plus a stamped, self-addressed envelope should be forwarded to him, not Peter.

His telephone number is 01440 705170. His email address is